Driveway Kerbs & Edging

The finishing touches to a perfect driveway

To help define and create a natural, defined border to your new driveway, whether it be monoblock, tegula, gravel, tarmac, or a combination of different materials, a suitable restraint is required to stop the lateral movement of your new driveway. These kerbs and edging stones can be installed to create an additional feature that will complement and highlight your main driveway design and finish.

Kerb Edging

Kerb Edging provides an opportunity for you to create clear lines in your outside space.  If you have gravel in your driveway then you have the opportunity to create a simple, clear border that separates the driveway and path. They look great and serve a purpose too. 

Edging products are available in different materials so there is plenty of scope to match them up to your current patio or driveway or create a clear distinction.

Driveway edgings are necessary 

Without edge restraint, pavers may move and lose their interlock over time. Mostly all driveway projects require and we recommend an edge restraint to keep the block structurally sound. 

Aesthetically, they create the perfect border between patio and flower beds and for finishing driveways. 

A full range of colours, styles and sizes are available to add that final touch of class to your chosen driveway design!

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