Let us answer some of the most common questions we're asked

How much do driveways cost?

Prices start from £70/m2 dependant on the style

Is a deposit required?

A £200 deposit is required to book your driveway with our team.

Couod the price change whilst you are installing my driveway?

No quotation will change, unless, the customer asks for any changes.

What do you do with my old driveway?

All waste material is removed from site and recycled with one of our waste management companies.

How do you install my driveway?

We’ve got full details on how we work, to give you peace of mind.

My old driveway had lines where my car used to sit, why is this?

Your previous subbase would have been unsubstantial to accept the weight of your vehicles. This causing it to settle and create these tramlines.

Why would the blocks in my current driveway moved and cracked?

This is more than likely have been caused by poorly installed edging kerbs that contain your driveway. Once these kerbs start moving, this allows your driveway to spread and cause unsightly gaps and cracks in the blocks.

Will you leave a skip or any waste material at my house?

All waste is excavated out and removed from your driveway by a clamshell lorry as soon as it is stock piled. This allows us to maximise the space we have for working, as well as keeping the front of your property clean and tidy.

How long does it take to install my driveway?

For a standard two car driveway, we aim to have everything completed within one week. Although, you can never rush a good job!

How much to install a new drop kerb at the front of my house?

Dependant on the size of drop kerb you require, the prices range from £1200 – £1900

Do you offer a guarantee?

We offer a 5-year guarantee on all workmanship and installation of your driveway. Our material partners also offer warranties on all of their products, so be rest assured that you will be well looked after once we are finished our works if any problems should arise.

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