How We Work

The steps to your completed driveway

Removal of existing surface

We will lift and remove any current surface, such as monoblock, slabs or tarmac.

Reduction in level

This is where we excavate the ground down to a suitable bearing stratum.
Cross section of a driveway

Waste Removal

We use SEPA registered waste carriers to remove and recycle all waste from our sites, ensuring all private and public paths and roads are clean and tidy.


We build from the bearing stratum up to the required build height using a material called Type 1. This is compacted in small layers to achieve a full load bearing capacity, effectivity acting as the foundations to your driveway.

Edging stones

Your edging stones are then laid on a wet mortar bed before being haunched to the front and rear of each block. These kerb or edging stones ensure there is no lateral movement of your driveway.

Sand Screed

Monoblock and Tegula blocks are laid on a sand screed that is compacted to allow a smooth, level bed to accept the block for a perfect and even finish.

Kiln Dried Sand

Upon completion of block install, very fine, kiln dry sand is brushed into the joints of the block before it is then compacted using a vibrating plate to ensure, a sealed, completed finish to your property investment

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